Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you paint the porcelain shades?

A: No.

Q: Can a fixture be mounted upside down?

A: Most incandescent bath bars and wall brackets can be mounted as an uplight or downlight.

Q: Why is the metal only available in DBRZ or MBLK?

A: A large piece can't be plated with NCKL, CROM or ABRS.

Q: Can you do a custom size bath bar?

A: Yes, but only for very large orders.

Q: Can you do a custom size chandelier?

A: Yes, but only for very large orders.

Q: How do fixtures ship - Ground vs. Truck?

A: This depends on the size of a fixture. Contact JDG for verification.

Q: Is this available in PL?

A: Most are, but you need to contact JDG for verification.

Q: What dimming system do I use with your PL fixtures?

A: Check with dimming manufactures for specs.

Q: Where can I get replacement bulbs for my PL GU24 sockets?

A: Most home improvement stores.

Q: Can I install my chandelier/wall bracket outside (wet location)?

A: No.

Q: What material is the FAL, CLD etc. made from?

A: Resin.

Q: is FAL/ALR real alabaster?

A: FAL is not. ALR has real alabaster shavings.

Q: Can I hang a chandelier on a sloped ceiling?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the bowls field adjustable?

A: No

Q: Can I hang a bowl on a sloped ceiling?

A: Yes. JDG has a slope ceiling kit.

Q: Can I wire the up and downlights on the Montana/Dakota chandeliers on separate switches?

A: No.


Q: Does Justice Design sell directly to end-users, designers and/or architects?

A: All Justice Design products are sold exclusively through a select group of lighting showrooms and electrical distributors. To find a Justice Design authorized distributor near you, click here or click on "Showroom Finder" above. Back to top.

Q: What is the shipping time for fixtures?

A: Shipping time varies depending on the finish selected. Typically, shipping times are one week or less for Bisque, about 3 to 4 weeks for glazes (Group 1), about 4 to 5 weeks for smooth faux finishes (Groups 2 and 3), and about 5 to 6 weeks for textured faux and composition finishes (Group 4). Note: All shipping times are from Justice Design’s receipt of a purchase order from one of its authorized distributors. Back to top.

Q: What is meant by the formula "Form + Finish"?

A: There are two basic choices to make for each fixture ordered: Form (shape) and Finish. Justice Design offers more than 200 different forms (shapes) and more than 40 different finishes. Back to top.

Q: What "finish" choices are available?

A: Justice Design offers more than 40 different optional finishes, in addition to paintable Bisque, which are organized into "Finish Groups" as follows:
  • Bisque: Unfinished, paintable surface
  • Group 1 - Glaze Finishes: Glass-like finishes that are kiln-fired onto the surface
  • Group 2 - Smooth Faux Finishes: Hand painted faux metal and marble finishes
  • Group 3 - Metallic Leaf Finishes: Real metallic leaf gilded finishes
  • Group 4 - Textured Faux Finishes: Hand carved or hand hammered and hand painted faux travertine marble, slate or hammered metal finishes
  • Group 4 - Composition Finishes: Hand painted colorful details onto sculpted fixtures

For more information on finishes, click any of the finish swatches on each product page. Back to top.

Q: Why do glazes and faux finishes take so long to ship?

A: Almost every finished fixture is individually glazed, hand carved, and/or hand painted to order. Back to top.

Q: What is the difference between a "glaze" and a "faux" finish?

A: A "glaze" finish is a glass-like finish that is kiln-fired onto the surface of the fixture at approximately 19000 F. A "faux" finish is individually hand painted onto each fixture by Justice Design artisans. Back to top.

Q: What is a "textured" finish (for example, Greco Travertine, TRAG)?

A: With a Textured Finish (Group 4), the surface of the ceramic is first hand carved or hand hammered to create the 3-dimensional surface of slate, travertine marble or hammered metal. Justice Design artisans then hand paint a faux finish onto the textured surface, completing the look of real travertine marble, slate or hammered metal. Each fixture is truly a work of art! Back to top.

Q: Are all finishes available on all fixtures?

A: When you look at our finishes, you will notice that they have been divided into four "Finish Groups" (in addition to Bisque). On our website, in the product data for each fixture shown, you will see the finish groups available for that fixture. In general, most finishes (i.e., Bisque and Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4) are available on most fixtures. Back to top.

Q: Can specific composition finishes like the SEAS be applied to other models?

A: Generally speaking, no. Compositions are designed for specific fixture models. In rare cases we can adapt a composition finish to another fixture. Please contact the factory with your request. Back to top.

Q: How close to the website picture is the actual color of the finish?

A: Close, but not exact! Please understand that digital images (photographs), especially when displayed on a computer monitor, do not truly capture our wonderful finishes. Furthermore, because all finishes are hand painted, no two are exactly alike. We recommend that you visit a lighting showroom with a Justice Design display to view actual samples of our products. Back to top.

Q: How do I paint a Bisque fixture?

A: Painting Bisque fixtures is very easy. You can usually paint the fixture using the same procedures and materials that you would use to paint a plaster wall. Detailed instructions are included with each fixture. Here are a few guidelines:
  • Seal the outside of the fixture using an appropriate indoor or outdoor primer
  • Paint the fixture using the appropriate indoor or outdoor wall paint. More than one coat may be necessary, depending upon the color and the type of paint used.
  • Spraying the paint onto the fixture generally results in a more even finish than brushing
  • Do not paint the inside of the fixture because the paint may blister from the heat and/or tint the light.
Back to top.

Q: Should I paint the inside of the fixtures?

A: We do not recommend painting the inside of fixtures due to the effects of heat buildup on the paint (e.g., blistering) and because the color of the light would be tinted by the paint color. Back to top.

Q: Do I have to paint my Bisque fixture?

A: While you may leave the natural Bisque unfinished for indoor installations, Justice Design recommends that you either paint or lacquer all Bisque fixtures to seal the surface and to make cleaning easier. If you do choose to leave the Bisque unfinished, you can try cleaning it by gently sanding the soiled area with fine-grained sandpaper. Note: Too much sanding will mar the Bisque surface. Back to top.

Q: Can Bisque fixtures be used outdoors?

A: If you want Bisque fixtures to retain the Bisque appearance, they need to be coated with a clear lacquer that is suitable for outdoor use. Otherwise, the Bisque will weather, it will become soiled, and its appearance and durability will be adversely affected. Back to top.

Q: When do I need to order a fixture that is UL listed Suitable for Wet Locations (UL Wet)?

A: A "UL Wet" designation means that a fixture is UL listed as "Suitable for Wet Locations." A "UL Wet" fixture is required whenever there is the possibility that water, such as rain, may fall directly onto, or enter into, the fixture. For example, this would be the case in any outdoor installation where the fixture is not adequately covered by a solid overhang or roof. For outdoor wet location applications, click here to view our outdoor fixtures. If the fixture is for an indoor location or an outdoor location that is fully protected from water, then any "UL Damp" fixture (UL Listed as "Suitable for Damp Locations") is fine. Back to top.

Q: How do I know which particular fixtures are available for use in an outdoor wet location (i.e., UL listed Suitable for Wet Locations)?

A: All fixtures shown on this website within the "Outdoor" product category are designated UL Wet and are suitable for outdoor wet locations. Also, under other product categories (e.g., Ambiance Collection) you will find many fixtures that are available for outdoor wet locations. Fixtures that are suitable for outdoor wet locations are indicated with a "W" at the end of their numeric item number (e.g., 1555W), and are shown with our "rain cloud" symbol adjacent to the photo image on the individual item data page. Back to top.

Q: Are all finishes available for outdoor wet location fixtures?

A: All finishes can be used outdoors except our metallic leaf finishes (Group 3: LEAG, LEAS and LEAC). Back to top.

Q: Can I order fixtures with mica shades for outdoor wet location use?

A: No. Mica will deteriorate over time if it is exposed to the weather. Therefore, we do not offer mica for outdoor wet location use. Back to top.

Q: Can fixtures be installed upside down (that is, as downlights)?

A: Most fixtures can be installed upside down for indoor use and some for outdoor use. The fixtures that can be installed upside down for outdoor wet location use are illustrated as downlights on this website and include a "W" in the item number along with our "rain cloud" symbol. Back to top.

Q: Is a diffuser sufficient to make an open-top fixture suitable for a wet location?

A: No. A diffuser only prevents one from seeing inside an open-top fixture. For outdoor wet locations, you must choose a fixture that is designated UL Wet (i.e., Suitable for Wet Locations). Back to top.

Q: Can I order a diffuser for a fixture I already have?

A: No. Because the fixture needs to be modified to support the diffuser, the diffuser must be ordered at the time you order your fixture. Diffusers cannot be added later. Back to top.

Q: Is a "Damp Location" fixture suitable for a bathroom or steam room?

A: As long as no water directly touches or enters the fixture, a fixture that is UL Damp (i.e., Suitable for Damp Locations) can be used in a bathroom. Special fixtures are required for steam rooms. At this time, Justice Design does not make any fixtures that are suitable for steam rooms. Back to top.

Q: Can Euro and American Classics be installed with the light pointed down?

A: Yes, but we recommend that the maximum lamping be reduced to 60W per bulb. When installed with the light pointed up, the recommended maximum is 100W per bulb. Back to top.

Q: Can I order a Euro Classic glass shade on an American Classic fixture (or visa versa)?

A: No, you may only choose the glass options that are available for each particular collection. Back to top.

Q: Can I get the Euro and American Classics without the pull-chain?

A: All Euro and American Classics fixtures are shipped with the pull-chain installed, but the pull-chain is easily removed in the field by the installer. All fixtures include a spare decorative metal cap and instructions on how to remove the pull-chain. Back to top.

Q: Why aren’t all fixtures available with halogen lamping?

A: Halogen lamps produce more heat than standard incandescent lamps. Some fixtures are not available with halogen lamps due to their size and/or shape, which can concentrate heat on the adjacent wall surface. Be sure not to have flammable materials near halogen lamps. Back to top.

Q: Can I use a halogen bulb in place of a standard incandescent bulb?

A: You will need to check with the manufacturer of the bulb for that answer. In any case, please be sure that the halogen bulb does not exceed the maximum incandescent wattage allowed for that fixture. Also, due to the high heat generated by halogen bulbs, some discoloration and possible heat damage may occur to the adjacent wall surface. Be sure not to have flammable materials near halogen lamps. Back to top.

Q: Do you offer Sun Dagger cutouts on all fixtures?

A: No. The Sun Dagger cutouts are only available on Sun Dagger Collection fixtures. Back to top.

Q: What does ADA mean?

A: "ADA" is the abbreviation for Americans with Disabilities Act. If a fixture is shown as an ADA fixture, then it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Back to top.

Q: Can I order custom cord lengths on pendants?

A: Yes, in most cases, at an additional charge. All fixtures in the Radiance Collection are available with custom cord lengths. Some of the Domus pendants (e.g., the 8851 Arta Pull-Down) are not available with custom cord lengths. Back to top.

Q: What are the shades made of in Domus fixtures?

A: They are made using a proprietary process that combines the strength and durability of two special materials: polycarbonate and cellulose. The resulting shade has the appearance of fine parchment, yet it is durable and washable with water. Back to top.

Q: Can I order a replacement Domus shade?

A: Yes. You may order a replacement shade from one of our authorized lighting showrooms or distributors. They will need to contact us for the item number and pricing of the shade needed. Back to top.

Q: Do fixtures come with bulbs?

A: No, but the recommended bulbs for our fixtures are easy to find. Back to top.