Large and Oversized Lighting Fixtures

Looking for large and oversized lighting fixtures? Justice Design Group offers a wide variety of drum pendants, chandeliers, and semi-flush and pendant bowls that range up to 72″ in diameter, as well as bath bars and indoor and outdoor wall sconces ranging up to 84″. 

Available in a wide selection of shade materials, frame styles, metal finishes, and lamping options, you are sure to find a solution for any residential, commercial, or hospitality application. Explore all of the categories below to see why Justice Design Group is The Perfect Lighting Choice.™ 

Large and Oversized Chandeliers

Decorative chandeliers often feature multiple tiers and are a great way to make a statement in any room, creating a striking focal point to dining rooms and grand living spaces. Our large-scale fixtures also include single and multi-tiered chandeliers which range up to 60″ in diameter, such as our Clayton Family (featured in the picture below) and Dakota Family chandeliers. Mix-and-match different sizes and styles from the same family and choose from a variety of metal frame styles, shade shapes, and shade finishes like Alabaster Rocks or translucent porcelain to create your perfect look.

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Clayton 60” 3-Tier 45-Light Chandelier

Large and Oversized Semi-Flush and Pendant Bowls

Perfect for residential properties as well as commercial and hospitality applications, the curved design of these scalable fixtures allows them to emit a warm, diffused light that bathes the area below, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Make a statement with a pendant over a dining table or in an entryway in a home for a functional and decorative look. You can also light up a restaurant (like Ditka’s shown in the lower right photo), add a focal point in a reception lobby, or add dramatic lighting to a large ballroom.

Looking for a specific size or style? Our bowl fixtures range from 14″ to 72″ in diameter and are available in a variety of frame styles, such as RingsFinialsCrossbar, and Clips

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Large and Oversized Drum Pendants

Our large-scale fixtures also include drum pendants – ranging from 14” to 60”. Perfect for living rooms, entryways, and high ceilings, these fabric and specialty shade drum pendants are modern in style and available in a multitude of metal and fabric finishes. Styles include cream, white, and a contemporary gray shades with a variety of metal finish options for our fabric drum pendants, as well as alabaster rock for our Tribeca Family and wire mesh for our specialty shade drum pendants. 

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Finials for Drum Pendants, Semi-Flush, and Pendant Bowls

Our specialty shade pendant and semi-flush bowls are available in round and square bowl shapes in a myriad of different metal frame styles, which are available in finishes like matte black and brushed nickel. Several fixtures including our drum pendants are also available with decorative finials. Choose from 6 different finial options to create your custom look:

F1: Pair of Cylinder Finials

F2: Pair of Square Finials

F3: Pair of Square w/ Point Finials

F4: Large Square w/ Point Finial

F5: Concentric Squares Finial

F6: Concentric Circles Finial

Large and Oversized Indoor and Outdoor Wall Sconces

These oversized wall sconces make a bold statement in both interior and exterior spaces, illuminating large spaces like living rooms, hallways, and master bedrooms while doubling as a decorative wall art with a wide variety of shade materials to choose from, like Faux Alabaster Resin or Artisan Glass.

Large-scale wall sconces are also perfect for any space that requires sleek lighting with a slim profile, such as a hotel lobby (like the Avalon shown in the lower left) or walkway (like the Zarai shown in the lower right). Available in indoor or outdoor installation options, they include features like integrated LED lamping, ADA Compliant dimensions, and can be customized with a wide variety of shade materials and metal finish options. 

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Zarai ADA 60” LED Outdoor Wall Sconce

Large and Oversized Bath Bars

Oversized bath bars are a great way to elevate the ambiance of bathroom spaces by providing ample illumination for tasks like grooming and applying makeup while adding sophistication to the decor. The oversized look of these lighting fixtures makes them ideal for spacious bathrooms or those aiming for a lavish, spa-like atmosphere.

Our bath bars are available in coordinating styles ranging from 1-light wall sconces to 6-light bath bars (like the Argyle shown below). They can be customized with a variety of shade materials, frame styles, and shade and metal finishes. For remodels or renovations, the larger backplate in some of our bath bar options hides imperfections and allows you to forgo repainting the surrounding wall. 

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Explore A Wide Range of Lighting Features


Our large-scale and oversized lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of sizes in coordinating styles so you can create a harmonious look for any space.

  • Semi-flush and pendant bowl fixtures range from 14″ to 72″ in diameter
  • Chandeliers scale up to 60″ in diameter
  • Drum Pendants range from 14″ to 60″ in diameter
  • Indoor/Outdoor wall sconces scale up to 84″
  • Bath Bars range from 1-light wall sconces to 6-light bath bar options

Integrated LED

While many of our fixtures are sold as standard LED, we are able to customize nearly all fixtures with integrated LED or GU24. All of our integrated LED fixtures are 3000K CCT standard, but can also be customized as 2700K, 3500K, and 4000K with additional color temperatures available upon request. All GU24 options include an LED lamp. 

We also offer 0-10V dimming, and a selection of our fixtures are also offered in 120-277V, which you can view here

Need a custom solution? Contact us and we’ll figure out how to create your perfect lighting fixture.

Specialty Shade Materials

Our large-scale bowls and pendants are available in specialty shade materials like real shaved alabaster rock and cloud-patterned resin.  For our single and multi-tiered chandeliers, you can choose from a larger variety of shade options such as Venetian glass and faux candle resin. Our Dakota Family of chandeliers are available in all shade materials and finishes, which are viewable here

Installation Options

Whether you are looking for a small or large fixture, or a combination of both, our scalable drum pendants, chandeliers, bath bars, and semi-flush and pendant bowl fixtures give you the flexibility you need to create your perfect look. Have an angled or sloped ceiling? Our sloping ceiling kits can make your installation process easier, as each kit comes with 6 fit of adjustable chain with additional chain available for an extra charge.

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