Justice Design Ceramic Lighting

Justice Design Group is proud to be the largest ceramic lighting manufacturer in the United States, with over 35 years of experience delivering timeless designs with enduring quality. Our ceramic lighting fixtures are individually crafted by artisans in our Los Angeles workshop and are available in a wide variety of finishes and installation options, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create your perfect look. The natural beauty and durability of ceramic make it a versatile choice for residential, hospitality, and commercial applications and the breadth of form and finish options make it easy to complement any theme or décor.

To explore our ceramic manufacturing process, click here to take a look behind the scenes.

Ceramic Lighting: What does Form + Finish + Function mean?

Through our Form+Finish+Function ceramic lighting program, you can choose from nearly 300 shapes (or forms), more than 40 hand-applied finishes, and a range of functions, including indoor, outdoor, LED ADA-Compliant applications, and more.  Justice Design’s commitment to design and quality is apparent in its threefold Form+Finish+Function approach:

Form: Wall Sconces, Pendants, Flush-Mounts, and Portables

Justice Design offers a wide range of classic and contemporary fixture styles, including indoor and outdoor wall sconces and flush-mounts, pendants, and portables. Have a specific shape in mind that you don’t see in our catalog? Reach out to us at [email protected], and we can discuss creating an original ceramic fixture! (Minimum order quantity required.)

Finish: Handcrafted in the USA

The natural and organic ceramic material opens up to a myriad of different finishes and styles suitable for any application, whether it be earthy terracotta-like tones for an outdoor wall sconce or a pendant with a bright pop of color liven up the space over a kitchen island.  Choose from over 40 finish options, including ceramic Bisque, which looks beautiful in its natural form or can be easily painted on site. Explore our Ceramic Finish Gallery to view each distinct finish in more detail. 

You can also provide us with a brand and paint code, and we will custom paint your fixture to complement any project you might have!

Function: Available for Any Lighting Application

From the initial clay casting to the final artisanal glaze, fixtures are handcrafted to the highest quality, whether you choose a fixture for an indoor or outdoor application. Our ceramic fixtures will not rust or corrode, staying durable even in harsh coastal environments. With our patented socket shelter, you can choose from a wide variety of open top and bottom outdoor wall sconces, creating a beautiful splash of up and downlight. 

Many of our fixtures comply with Dark Sky, Turtle-Friendly, and ADA requirements. Want your fixture to be LED? No problem! We have the ability to convert any E26 socket to either integrated LED or GU24 LED.

Putting It All Together (How It Works)

Here’s a quick guide on how to build your own Justice Design ceramic SKU:

  1. CER: Refers to all-ceramic fixtures. Each part number will begin with “CER.”
  2. Choose a Shape: This four-digit number refers to the base ceramic shape. Outdoor (UL Wet) shapes will have a “W” at the end.
  3. Choose a Finish: Choose from over 40 different finish codes to complete your ceramic fixture.
  4. Optional: Depending on the fixture type (such as pendants), there may be Metal Finish and Cord Color options as well.

Here are a few examples:

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Lighting?

  • Durable and stylish: will not rust or corrode in outdoor and wet environments, making it the perfect outdoor wall sconce or flush-mount
  • Also offered in an optional marine-grade finish for coastal environment protection
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Glazed ceramic does not stain
  • High wear, heat, and pressure resistance (gas and liquids)


How to Choose the Right Ceramic Lighting


When considering kitchen lighting, pendants and flush-mounts are often selected to provide clear lighting over islands and countertops. Pendants are a great choice as adjustable cord lengths can make it easy to accommodate interiors with higher ceilings, and installing multiple fixtures next to each other can create a symmetrical look.



It’s important to consider multiple layers of lighting for a bathroom. Vanity lighting, shower/bath lighting, and accent lighting are all light sources to consider. For vanity lighting, wall sconces placed on either side of the mirror can gently and evenly illuminate the face. The versatility of ceramic finishes makes it easy to complement any bath décor.


Outdoor lighting requires protection from the elements and efficient energy use. The natural durability of ceramic makes it a great option for outdoor installations, and our selection of outdoor ceramic wall sconces and flush-mounts are also available with an additional marine-grade coating for harsh coastal environments. 

See our outdoor ceramic lighting items here.

Dining Rooms

Similar to kitchen lighting, pendants are an excellent choice for dining rooms. They create a focal point over the dining table, and their adjustable cord lengths can accommodate any ceiling height. Vintage bulbs can also create a warm and subdued lighting effect to set a relaxed mood in the dining room.


Office lighting can be task-oriented or decorative, depending on the purpose of the space. For lobbies and reception areas, a decorative pendant or table lamp can be effective, whereas for meeting rooms and hallways, wall sconces or flush-mounts with LED lamping will clearly illuminate the space without being intrusive.


Entryway lighting, or foyer lighting, can be very versatile. Both pendants and accent table lamps work well here and can easily be paired to match the theme of your home. Pendants can help draw the eye upwards to open up the size of the room, and if you’re short on space, a wall sconce or flush-mount can also be effective.


Hallway lighting is highly dependent on the size of the interior. High ceilings may call for pendant lighting, while wall sconces and flush-mounts may be more effective for narrower hallways. Placing several fixtures along the wall or ceiling can add visual accents while providing clear lighting, and adding portable table lamps can enhance the effect.


Wall sconces are generally the most common choice for stairways, and placing multiple fixtures along a wall can add a visual accent while providing clear lighting. Pendants with adjustable cord lengths can also be effective for high-ceilinged stairs and stairway landings, and both fixture types can be installed to create a matching theme.

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