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Explore our virtual finish board to see the 40+ finishes available across our ceramic line.
Click each finish tile to see it on our most popular fixtures and learn about how it’s made.


Unfinished ceramic surface. If you plan to paint your fixture yourself, this is for you. Easy-to-follow finishing instructions are included with every fixture.

Ceramic Bisque

-BIS (Unfinished Bisque)

GROUP 1 – Glazes

These glass-like finishes are kiln-fired directly onto the surface, providing a distinctive ceramic look. The durability, depth, and purity of the glaze cannot be duplicated by any other means.

Ceramic Vanilla Gloss

-VAN (Vanilla Gloss)

-WHT (White Gloss)

-MAT (Matte White)

Ceramic Carbon Matte Black

-CRB (Carbon Matte Black)

-BLK (Black Gloss)

-GRY (Grey Gloss)

Ceramic Blush Gloss

-BSH (Blush Gloss)

-CRK (White Crackle)

Ceramic Celadon Green Crackle

-CKC (Celadon Green Crackle)

Ceramic Sienna Brown Crackle

-CKS (Sienna Brown Crackle)

GROUP 1 – Solid Color Paints

Current trends are captured in these bold colors. Custom Solid Color options are available with 4pc. minimum order.

Ceramic Canyon Clay

-CLAY (Canyon Clay)

Ceramic Cerise

-CRSE (Cerise)

Ceramic Midnight Sky

-MID (Midnight Sky)

-PWGN (Pewter Green)

-RFPL (Reflecting Pool)

GROUP 1 – Two-Toned Finishes

Carefully curated glaze & paint combinations are designed to maximize the depth of your ceramic fixtures.

(Finishes are listed as Outside of Fixture/Inside of Fixture)

-WTWT (White Gloss/White Gloss)

-MTGD (Matte White/Champagne Gold)

-CBGD (Carbon Matte Black/Champagne Gold)

-BKMT (Black Gloss/Matte White)

Ceramic Midnight Sky/Matte White

-MDMT (Midnight Sky/Matte White)

GROUP 2 – Smooth Faux Finishes

Using multiple layers of paint and other special finishing techniques, our artisans create the look of marble, rich metal patinas, and other beautiful materials.

-ANTC (Antique Copper)

-ANTG (Antique Gold)

-ANTS (Antique Silver)

-GRAN (Granite)

-NAVR (Navarro Red)

-NAVS (Navarro Sand)

Ceramic Antique Patina

-PATA (Antique Patina)

-PATR (Rust Patina)

-PATV (Verde Patina)

Ceramic Real Rust

-RRST (Real Rust)

Ceramic Agate Marble

-STOA (Agate Marble)

Ceramic Carrera Marble

-STOC (Carrera Marble)

-STOS (Slate Marble)

-TERA (Terra Cotta)

GROUP 3 – Textured Faux Finishes

Hand textured and hand painted, these timeless finishes will turn your fixtures into unique works of art. Each piece is meticulously sculpted then finishes to resemble slate, travertine, or hammered metal. 

Ceramic Concrete

-CONC (Concrete)

Ceramic Hammered Brass

-HMBR (Hammered Brass)

-HMCP (Hammered Copper)

Ceramic Hammered Iron

-HMIR (Hammered Iron)

-HMPW (Hammered Pewter)

-SLHY (Harvest Yellow Slate)

-SLTR (Tierra Red Slate)

-TRAG (Greco Travertine)

-TRAM (Mocha Travertine)

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