Create a Harmonious Look with Coordinating Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design, as it not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. When choosing lighting fixtures for your home, it’s essential to consider how their styles coordinate with each other and the rest of your decor.

Justice Design’s EVOLV collection offers a wide variety of coordinating lighting fixture styles, which you can mix and match to create a harmonious and visually pleasing atmosphere and enhance the overall ambiance of your living spaces. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you achieve a cohesive and stylish lighting scheme for your home.

Define Your Interior Design Style

Before diving into selecting lighting fixtures, it’s vital to identify and define your interior design style. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, rustic charm, classic elegance, or eclectic bohemian, your lighting choices should align with your overall design theme. Each style has its unique characteristics and aesthetics, so understanding your preferences will serve as a foundation for making cohesive lighting decisions.

Establish a Consistent Finish

One of the most effective ways to coordinate lighting fixture styles is by maintaining a consistent finish throughout your home. EVOLV fixtures come in various trend-forward metal finishes such as brushed nickel, brass, and matte black, among others. Choose one finish that complements your existing decor and stick to it across all rooms or at least within a specific area. This consistency will tie your spaces together and create a sense of unity.

Mix and Match Thoughtfully

While consistency is essential, don’t be afraid to mix and match lighting fixture styles thoughtfully. Combining different types of fixtures can add visual interest and personality to your space. However, be sure to strike the right balance to avoid an overly cluttered or disjointed look. For example, you could pair modern pendant lights like the Harlow in the kitchen with industrial-style wall sconces like the Brooklyn 1-Light Wall Sconce in the dining area for a complementary yet distinctive blend.

Fixture family shown below: Arcwell

Pay Attention to Scale and Proportions

Another important factor to consider is the scale and proportions of your lighting fixtures. Large, ornate chandeliers may overwhelm a small room, while tiny pendant lights might get lost in a spacious living area. Ensure that your chosen fixtures are appropriate for the size of the room and don’t overshadow other design elements. Our EVOLV collection includes a variety of scalable fixtures, with chandeliers like the Clayton family (shown below) ranging from 24″ up to 60″ in diameter, giving you flexibility for any room size. 

Clayton 42” 1-Tier 18-Light Chandelier
Clayton 60” 3-Tier 45-Light Chandelier

Create Harmony with Different Fixture Families

While Justice Design’s EVOLV collection offers a wide variety of coordinating styles, you can still create a harmonious look by pairing fixtures from different families together. See below for an example of a hotel lobby with the following fixtures, which complement each other due to their shared white and neutral black/nickel metal color schemes:

Anchor 60″ “3-Tier Chandelier in Clear Frosted Glass and Matte Black

Classic 24″ Drum Pendant in White Linen Fabric and Brushed Nickel 

Alpine 1-Light Wall Sconce in White Linen Fabric and Matte Black

Coordinating lighting fixture styles can significantly impact the ambiance and visual appeal of your home. By considering your interior design style, establishing a consistent finish, mixing and matching thoughtfully, paying attention to scale, layering your lighting, and adapting to ceiling height, you can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in every room. Remember that lighting is not just about functionality; it’s an opportunity to express your style and enhance the overall aesthetics of your living spaces.

Fixture family shown below: Hermosa

Hermosa LED 5-Light Multi-Pendant

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