ADA-Compliant lighting is a growing category of decorative lighting fixtures in today’s industry. Built to accommodate those with physical disabilities, these lighting fixtures have specific dimensions to ensure safety and ease of visibility. Justice Design offers a wide selection of contemporary linear fixtures and wall sconces to fit any of your ADA-related project needs. 

What is ADA Lighting?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access to public places as able-bodied individuals. One of the ways it does this is by requiring certain buildings to provide ADA-compliant lighting. This type of lighting is required to have no more than a 4″ projection from the wall it is placed on, as well as mounted between 2’4″ to 6’8″ above the floor to ensure that those with disabilities can navigate spaces safely. 

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Types of ADA Lighting

Justice Design offers a wide range of ADA-compliant wall-mounted fixtures, including Linear LEDs, such as the Lineate 22″ Linear Wall/Bath, and wall sconces, such as the ADA Rectangle Wall Sconce. All of these meet the 4″ maximum projection standard and are safe to install for any public use space. Many of these fixtures also include dedicated LED lamping, making them energy-efficient and ensuring ease of visibility. 


Don’t Sacrifice Style for Function with ADA Lighting

ADA-compliant lighting doesn’t have to look boring. It’s entirely possible to combine style and function to create a visually appealing space for all individuals, regardless of physical ability. Justice Design is proud to offer ADA-compliant fixtures in a wide range of shade shape and finish combinations, letting you mix and match options to create your perfect look. Select a trend-forward wall sconce like the Spruce ADA 1-Light Wall Sconce to light a hotel hallway, or choose a sconce like the Nouveau or Vertice from our Made in USA Ceramic line, which offers over 40+ hand-applied finishes.

Best Applications for ADA Lighting

ADA-compliant lighting doesn’t have to be restricted to indoor applications. Justice Design offers modern outdoor solutions as well. Install multiple wall fixtures like the Monolith 36″ ADA LED Outdoor Wall Sconce to light an entryway, or go with something with a pop of color to frame a doorway, like the Catalina ADA LED Outdoor Wall Sconce in a burnished gold metal finish. ADA-compliant lighting can be installed in your home regardless of physical ability, as it serves as a functional and stylish lighting solution for all individuals. 

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Learn More from Our Professional Team

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ADA Offset Circle LED Wall Sconce