How to Add More Color to Your Home with Ceramic Lighting

Feel like your home’s interior design needs a pick-me-up? A drab interior can damper your mood and impact your whole perspective. But giving your favorite room – or your entire house – a makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s easy to breathe new energy into a space just by adding a pop of color.

There are dozens of ways to add more color to your home, from accent vases and throw pillows to repainting walls and major renovations. However, a change in lighting can dramatically transform your interior spaces by adding both style and function.

5 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Home Using Ceramic Lighting

First – why ceramic lighting? The natural material of ceramic combined with our artisan painting and firing techniques makes it a durable and fully customizable lighting choice. Justice Design’s wide range of hand-textured finishes includes beautiful glazes, intricate patterns, and trend-forward color tones that can suit any theme or décor.

Go bold with the deep red Cerise finish or the navy blue Midnight Sky from our Solid Color Paint finish group, or add a subtle but distinctive accent of color with one of the faux textured finishes like Terra Cotta, Antique Silver, or Rust Patina. You can also add some texture to a room with our Textured Faux finishes that mimic natural materials like Hammered Brass, Harvest Yellow Slate, or Greco Travertine. Regardless of what you choose, there are many ways to incorporate colorful ceramic lighting in your home, including:

1. Add a Pop of Color with an Accent Lamp

A small ceramic accent lamp on an end table immediately adds a splash of color to any room. This can be especially effective for homes with a monochrome color scheme or minimal décor, since it adds vibrancy without taking up too much real estate. A low footprint addition like an accent lamp can also easily be a jumping-off point for coordinating additional items in the same color theme.

Whether you want something slim and sleek or something funky and geometric, you can explore Justice Design’s collection of contemporary ceramic accent lamps to find the right piece for your project.

2. Bring Dull Walls to Life with Ceramic Sconces

If your walls are bare, your home can feel a bit lifeless or unfinished. In place of art prints or typical wall décor, add visual interest to your empty walls with ceramic wall sconces. Sconces are a great choice for providing accent lighting for hallways and dining rooms, and are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. From minimalistic quarter spheres in a simple white glaze to a large, angular fixture in a bright and bold finish, the versatility of ceramic lighting gives you the freedom to create your perfect look.

3. Create a Sleek Focal Point with a Ceramic Pendant Light

If your entryway doesn’t have a focal point, consider creating one with a ceramic pendant light. A modern jewel-toned pendant light in a foyer immediately draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a larger space. From there, you can add décor in the same color theme to direct your guests’ gazes along the rest of the house. Essentially, a ceramic pendant light in an entryway can serve as a welcoming starting point to explore the rest of your home’s design.

Ceramic pendant lights are also perfect for kitchens, wet bars, and breakfast nooks. A simple flared pendant light such as this or this can make a cramped kitchen island feel like an intimate dining area.

Large Sphere 1-Light Pendant

4. Coordinate with Accent Walls

Accent walls are a popular feature in many modern homes, and choosing a ceramic lighting fixture that matches your accent wall is an easy way to add more color while maintaining a cohesive theme in your home.

While matching your lighting fixture to the precise shade of your accent wall can be a tricky feat when shopping, Justice Design offers a custom painting service that will make color-matching a breeze. Simply reach out to us at [email protected] or our Contact Us form with your product selection and the brand and paint code used for your accent wall, and we will customize your fixture for free. If you do not know the type of paint used for your accent wall, send us a photograph and we’ll work with you to swatch the right color. 

Ceramic Flex Wall Sconce- D

5. Buy Unpainted Ceramic

While it may seem counterintuitive to purchase unpainted ceramic (also known as Bisque) when you want to add more color to your home, it can be a great option for DIY enthusiasts or as a craft project to do with children.

Unpainted ceramic is a blank canvas for you to customize however you want with any type of paint, stencil, or other craft material. Go wild with your imagination and make your custom lighting piece entirely your own!

Whatever your lighting needs, Justice Design’s ceramic line offers an unparalleled selection of  styles, shapes, and finishes. Explore the full range of our ceramic offerings here or browse our detailed Ceramic Finish Gallery to get inspiration for your next project!

Sun Dagger Half-Circle Pocket